Protocols & Toolkits

What Cardiometabolic Care Can Do for You

Cardiometabolic Care protocols and toolkits target cardiometabolic diseases (CMDs), some of the most life-threatening and costly health challenges in history.

By helping primary care practitioners prevent, mitigate, and/or manage more than two-dozen CMDs (conditions like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease), Cardiometabolic Care serves population health researcherspractitioners, and policymakers.

Reflecting new science, new systems, and new outcomes associated with CMD-related epigenetics and patient wraparound services, Cardiometabolic Care helps these population health decision-makers

  • understand why managing cardiometabolic diseases (like hypertension, ischemic vascular disease, diabetes, and chronic kidney disease [CKD]) has been so difficult;
  • reduce the incidence, prevalence, and cost of cardiometabolic diseases, CMD comorbidities, and CMD complications (e.g., diabetic retinopathy, end-stage renal disease [ESRD], and certain cancers);
  • improve economic, clinical, and humanistic outcomes (ECHOs) for those burdened by CMDs;
  • advance the CMD-related Triple/Quadruple Aim of reduced per capita costs, improved population health, and enhanced patient/provider experiences;
  • enhance the wellbeing, productive capacity, and socioeconomic status of individuals, organizations, and communities previously challenged by CMDs;
  • contribute to a better functioning society; and
  • support sustainable and increasingly broad-based human flourishing, contributions, and socioeconomic lift.

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