The New Science of Epigenetics & Patient Wraparound Services

A Radical Approach to the Prevention & Resolution of Heart Attack, Stroke, Diabetes, & More

Info for Health Plan Purchasers and Payers

Epigenex Health’s Cardiometabolic Care resolves some of the greatest frustrations facing health plan decision-makers committed to reducing all-cause mortality, comorbidities, and total cost of care (TCOC) in patients with complex, chronic conditions. We support these dedicated executives, managers, and professionals with easy-to-adopt Cardiometabolic Population Health Optimization Programs specially designed for patients plagued with cardiometabolic diseases (CMDs). Cardiometabolic Care‘s unique…

Info for Primary Care Practices (PCPs)

Cardiometabolic Care enables superior cardiometabolic care to be delivered by primary care practitioners (PCPs), not just specialty physicians. We offer groundbreaking clinical protocols and practice-transformation toolkits for cardiometabolic diseases (CMDs) and other chronic conditions. In an era of value-based contracting (VBC) and outcomes-based contracting (OBC), these protocols and toolkits empower primary care practices to quickly and profitably manage clinical cases that used to be referred…

Info for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Cardiometabolic Care offers cost-savings, clinical improvements, and a better quality of life to patients with cardiometabolic challenges. Our dedicated researchers and clinical practice experts work with the country’s most forward-thinking primary care physicians (PCPs), endocrinologists, and cardiologists to resolve more than two dozen cardiometabolic conditions. We help physicians and advanced practice clinicians—trusted healthcare providers like pharmacists, physician assistants,…

Discover how a groundbreaking, unified protocol reverses obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, targeting a metabolic common denominator with six generic drugs.